Blake Goldring and His Involvements With the Community

AGF or the American Growth Fund boasts a good company under a good leadership by Blake Charles Goldring, the CEO and chairman of the firm. Goldring’s leadership performance has catapulted the company into great heights. He has done very well as an employee which allowed him to make his way to the topmost position of the company.

Goldring has a good reputation when it comes to sales and marketing. He has made a good name for himself when it comes to business. But there is also something to know about Goldring.

Mr. blake goldring has also been doing well when it comes to community involvement. He is not only a good businessman as well as professional. He is also a good citizen of Canada.

One of his involvements in the community is his connection with The Royal Regiment of Canada. He became involved with the regiment since 1996. Because of his dedication to the group, he became its Honorary Colonel in the years 2006 until 2011 and went on to become the Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army, the first-ever in Canada.

His involvements were not only limited to serving the army but to the military’s families as well. He founded the Canada Company: Many Ways to Serve in 2006. This is an organization that shores up the military through many ways by assisting their families. Services offered by the organization include offering scholarships to the soldiers’ families and giving aid to veterans.

Goldring also has other involvements he served at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre which is located in Toronto as chair of the board. He also has involvement in music as vice-chair of an orchestra in Toronto called the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. He is also inclined in film making being the director of a film centre in Canada. But his involvements are not limited to these industries, he is also involved in student life and athletics.

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